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25th March 2024 12:27:08 Hours


In a heartfelt gesture aimed at honoring and supporting the families of serving soldiers, the Corps of Engineer Services (CES) Seva Vanitha Branch recently organized a Bodhipooja program. Under the esteemed guidance of Mrs. Surangi Amarapala, the President of CES Seva Vanitha Branch, this event sought to bestow blessings upon the pregnant wives of the dedicated soldiers serving their nation.

Held on the serene premises of the Bodhirajarama Temple in Panagoda on March 23, 2024, the Bodhipooja commenced at 3:30 PM. The atmosphere was filled with reverence and solidarity as expecting mothers, along with their soldier spouses, gathered to receive the blessings and support extended by the CES Seva Vanitha Branch.

Mrs. Surangi Amarapala, adorned with the role of Chief Guest, graced the occasion with her presence, reflecting the commitment and compassion of the CES Seva Vanitha Branch towards the welfare of military families. Alongside her, esteemed dignitaries including the Vice President, Mrs. Aruni Chandrasekara, and the Treasurer, Mrs. Sewwandhi Wickramarachchi, along with other senior members, lent their support and solidarity to this noble cause.

The essence of the Bodhipooja program extended beyond the spiritual realm, as it also aimed to provide tangible support to expecting mothers and soldiers. Following the blessing ceremony, necessary packages comprising essential items for the upcoming arrival were distributed to the pregnant mothers and soldiers who participated in the event. These packages symbolized not only material assistance but also the collective care and concern of the CES Seva Vanitha Branch towards ensuring the well-being of military families.

The Bodhipooja program stood as a testament to the CES Seva Vanitha Branch's unwavering commitment to serving not just the soldiers but their families as well. It underscored the organization's ethos of solidarity, compassion, and support, embodying the spirit of service and sacrifice that defines the CES community.

As the sun set on the tranquil surroundings of the Bodhirajarama Temple, the echoes of prayers and blessings resonated, carrying with them the collective hopes and aspirations of military families. The Bodhipooja program served as a poignant reminder of the importance of standing together, especially during moments of joy and anticipation, ensuring that no soldier or family member feels alone in their journey.

In the spirit of camaraderie and compassion, the CES Seva Vanitha Branch continues to uphold its noble mission of serving those who serve the nation, reaffirming the bonds of solidarity that unite the CES community.