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18th January 2024 14:19:53 Hours


CES officers from across the organization gathered for a comprehensive lecture on the evolving landscape of warfare, focusing specifically on the principles and implications of 5th Generation warfare. The insightful session, conducted on January 17, 2024, by Maj DAMA Doowearachchi psc CES, delved into the multifaceted nature of this new era of conflict.

Maj AnuruddHa Doowearachchi commenced by defining 5GW as a "war of perception" that transcends traditional notions of physical conflict. He emphasized the seamless integration of non-kinetic warfare tactics, such as social engineering, misinformation campaigns, and cyberattacks, into the operational framework. These non-traditional methods, he explained, can disrupt enemy systems, erode public confidence, and ultimately achieve strategic objectives without resorting to direct military engagement.

The lecture highlighted the significance of emerging technologies in facilitating 5GW operations. Maj Anuruddha Doowearachchi discussed the role of artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and cyber-enabled platforms in enabling adversaries to wage warfare in unprecedented ways. He cautioned that the rapid pace of technological advancement poses a significant challenge for militaries seeking to stay ahead of evolving threats.

The lecture drew a substantial audience, with officers connecting both physically from RHQ and virtually from CES units and establishments across the country. The interactive format of the session allowed participants to engage with Maj Anuruddha Doowearachchi, posing questions and seeking clarifications. This active exchange of ideas enriched the learning experience and fostered a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

This lecture stands as a testament to CES's commitment to providing its officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex and technologically driven world. By equipping its leaders with a thorough understanding of 5th Generation warfare, CES is ensuring that it remains at the forefront of military innovation and preparedness.