Corps Of Engineer Services

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14th Engineer Services Regiment(Vol)

The main purpose of establishing the 14 (V) Engineer Services Regiment was to contribute to the development activities launched by the government under the “Nothern Spring” (“Uturu Wasanthaya”) Programme in Northern area that was liberated from the LTTE terrorists. Therefore as per the instructions of Army Routine Order ARO 74/2009 dated 27 August 2009, the 14 Engineer Services Regiment (Vol) was raised with effect from 19 August 2009 and initially established in Nandikadal lagoon area under the Security Forces Headquarters (Mullaitivu) on 10 February 2010. Maj HMKPHK Nawarathna CES was appointed as the first Officiating Commanding Officer.

The main task that had been assigned to the Unit was to carry out the construction of Pre-Fabricated Buildings for the Security Forces Headquarters, Division Headquarters, Brigade Headquarters, Battalion Headquarters and Training Schools in the SF HQ (Mullaitivu) area. The first project that was handed over to the 15 ESR (V) was the construction of HQ 59 Div. using the Pre-Fabricated Buildings. Initially 100 tradesmen who belonged to 9 ESR (V) were attached to the unit and subsequently 270 Other Ranks reported to the unit. In order to expedite the construction works 300 Other Ranks of the Civil Security Department were attached to the Unit.

Maj PASS Perera CES was the first SO II., 2/Lt MS Indunil CES, Lt (QM) KVL Anuranandana CES and WOI PM Rambanda performed duties.as the first Adjutant, Quarter Master and Regimental Sergeant Major respectively.

After completing the Pre-Fabricated building construction projects that had been entrusted under the “Northern Spring” programme, on 03 January 2011, the 14 Engineer Services Regiment was relocated at Akuregoda, Battaramulla in order to carry out the construction works of Defence Headquarters Complex construction project. Presently the Regiment is commanded by Lt Col WUS Karunarathne CES. The present approved Unit Establishment is 35 Officers and 1233 Other Ranks.