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1.Under the instruction and guidance of Commander Security Force KILINOCHCHI to up lift the lifestyle of women and education of the children in the area a program was launched by the 6th Battalion, Sri Lanka Army Women Corps. Subsequently civil affairs events are designed put into action as a civil affairs scheme in 2013.

2. As a result of the terrorism prolonged in the North and East Provinces of Sri Lanka, the women and children had become the worst affected group. Most of the local population is alien to the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka and they lived under the preconceived ideas which were propagated by the LTTE. Thus it has become a challenge to changed wrongly implanted cognition. To reach the target audience the feminine wing of the Sri Lanka Army; the Women’s Corps was given the responsibility of educating women and children on several areas of feminine interests.



3.The projects mentioned below have been designed to conduct for the women and children of the KILINOCHCHI area:

a.English classes for kids and school children.Officers of 6 v) SLAWC conducted the English classes for kids and School children in Security Forces Head Quarters KILINOCHCHI area since 1 September 2012 to 31 December 2012 with the aim of educating the children and create the interest of learning of English language. Schools are as follows:










Kn/ Kallaru Tamil vidyalaya

3 to 9


Monday & Thursday

Mu/Mallavi Central College

6 to 13



Walawegan Pre School

Pre school



Ilanthali Pre School

Pre school



Ulawanur Pre School

Pre school



Mahadewa Ashram Children’s home

3 to 9




Table 1: List of Schools



b.Beauty Culture Courses.Trained Soldiers of 6 (V) SLAWC conducted the two beauty culture courses in 57 Div every Saturday and 65 Div every Friday. This series of courses conducted in free of charge. Tamil women can follow this course and make benefit as self employments. They can earn more money and get valuable certificate from the Sri Lanka Army. Subjects taught are as follows:

(1)Clean up.

(2)Threading and wax.


(4)Manque and pedicure.

(5)Hair Cutting.

(6)Hair Dressing.

(7)Sari Dressing.

(8)Make ups.

(9) Bridal Dressing and makeup.




c.Flower Decoration Course.The guidance of SFHQ (KLN) following flower decoration workshops have been conducted by 6(v) SLAWC for the benefits of ladies in SFHQ (KLN)AOR in under mentioned locations

(1)Mahadewa Ashram Children Home, Puthumurippu.

(2)Nallur Community Center, Nallur.

(3)Viswamadu Community Center, Viswamadu.

(4)Peramantharu Community Center,Peramantharu.

(5) Korakkandu Pre School,Korakkandu.


d.Drawing competition.This competition aimed at grooming the born talent of the children and to assist them to develop their abilities. The competition was designed in a way that each group to perform their capabilities as their own topics for the competition.The Art Exhibition held on20 & 21 OCTOBER 2012 at 57 Div,65 Div and 66 Div. Pentium Pvt Ltd gave the assistance and awards to winners. This exhibition held under following age groups:

(1)1stGroup-Nursery to Grade  1  

(2)2ndGroup-Grade 2 to Grade  4

(3)3rdGroup-Grade 5 to Grade 7

(4)4thGroup-Grade 8 to Grade  10

(5)5thGroup-Grade 11 to Grade  13





e.Sports Coaching Camps.The coaching camps enhanced the sports ability of children and the teenagers and it helpful them when they merge in to society:



(1)    Net ball    -    (Assistance given by Sri Lanka Army Team).

(2)    Volley ball    -    (Assistance given by Sri Lanka Army Team).

f.Agriculture Programme.    Conducted the awareness programmes on cultivation of water melon and passion fruits by the Cargills Ceylon PLC Group.It helped for farmers to make their own productions:

(1)    Main Hall – Viswamadu maha Vidyalaya.


(2)    Community Center- Korakkankaddu.



h.Personal Hygiene Programme:Conducted an awareness programme, along with Sri Lanka Red Cross and Army PHI to mitigate the diseases. This programme aimed at educating the society with the view to take preventive measures for better hygiene. The program was conducted at locations mentioned below:

(1)    Community Center-Krishnapuram.

(2)    Community Center-Piramanthallaru.

(3)     Don Bosco Lecture Hall-Mulankavil.






i.Medical Camp & Awareness Programme.The collaborated effort was launched along with . The program was launched in under mentioned locations:

(1)Lecture hall     –     571 Bde

(2) Main hall     –    Mallavi Central College

(3)Main hall      –     Poonakary M.V







4.Women and the children in Kilinochchi area have been approached by the Army in order to open the avenues closed for them over decades of misery. They have taken these opportunities and participated positively. In a way, that has been an achievement to change their preconceived ideas and prejudice about the army.