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ආරක්ෂක සේනා මූලස්ථානය (කිලිනොච්චි)

65 සේනාංකය

65 සේනාංකය


As per the directions issued by the Army Headquarters the Task Force 5 and two under command Brigades namely 651 and 652 Brigades were raised on 15 Dec 2008 under Security Force Headquarters (W) in order to carryout belly security duties of newly liberated areas. Initially the Headquarters – Task Force 5 was established at Mallavi Junior School on 24 Dec 2008 and later, the Task Force Headquarters was shifted to the present location at Alankulam on 06 May 2010. Inaugurate with theSF Headquarters in liberated areas this Headquarters was Under Command to Security Force Headquarters (KILINOCHCHI) from 01st July 2009. There were 17 x Infantry Battalions carried out duties in Task Force 5 Area of Responsibility until 10th of Sep 2009. Task Force5 was upgraded and renamed as 65 Division on 18th Sep 2009. Headquarters 554 Brigade was re-designated as 653 Brigade and Under Command to 65 Division from 7th Dec 2009. Presently Headquarters 65 Division perform tasks and defensive duties with 3 x Brigades and 08 x Battalions.

Major General K A W Kumarapperuma USP
Genaral Officer Commanding

Lt Col K H N P Hannadige RWP RSP psc
Colonel General Staff

Colonel S A N J Ariyasena SLEME
Colonel Admin /Quartering

Lieutenant Colonel K T R B Kodippili psc GR

හිටපු සේනාංකාධිපතිවරුන්

  From To
Brigadier G J A W Galagamage 15.12.2008 17.09.2009
Major General M Hathurusinghe RSP ndc IG 18.09.2009 08.11.2009
Major General NP Walgama RSP USP ndu psc 09.11.2009 02.02.2010
Major General HMHA Herath psc 03.02.2010 28.11.2010
Brigadier WBDP Fernando RWP RSP USP psc 29.11.2010 27.07.2011
Brigadier WRP De Silwa USP IG 27.08.2011 26.12.2013
Major General GRH Dias USP psc IG 27.12.2013 16.09.2015
Maj Gen WAS Weerawardhana RSP USP IG 17.09.2015 12.03.2018
Maj Gen H R K P Peiris USP ndc 13.03.2018 14.08.2018
Brig K A W Kumarapperuma USP 15.08.2018 Up to date

ඇමතුම් විස්තර

ලිපිනය : Headquarters, 65 Infantry Division, Army Camp, Alankulam, THUNUKKAI
විද්‍යුත් තැපැල් ලිපිනය : taskfrc5@gmail.com / 65div@mail.amry.lk
දු.ක : 0113090724
ෆැක්ස් : 0113090726