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ආරක්ෂක සේනා මූලස්ථානය (වන්නි)

56 සේනාංකය

History of 56 Infantry Division

56 Inf Div was raised on 17 Oct 1997 at KANAGARAYANKULAM. After the Wanni debacle Div HQ was re-located to the present location with 02 x Bdes and OC Tps (W) in 1999. On 22 Mar 2003 OMANTHEI entry/exit point was established under supervision of this Div. During the period of 2006 to 2009 and after the Humanitarian Op Div was on defensive role providing security for offensive fmns and handled IDPs / Surrendered terrs. On 07 Dec 2009, 643 Bde was designated as 561 Inf Bde and place UC to 56 Inf Div and relocated at KANAKARAYANKULAM.

On 14 Sep 2010 OC Tps (W) was disbanded and area was given to 563 Inf Brigade. Thereafter 563 Inf Brigade also relocated at NAWATKULAM camp on 9 December 2010. OMANTHEI road block was transformed to a Military Police check point in 2017 and it was removed in same year. With the re- demarcation of Div Areas in the Month of January 2020, VAVUNIYA town was placed U/C to 56 Div and 681 Inf Bde was renamed as 562 Inf Bde and placed U/C to this HQ..

02 x Quarantine Centres were estb at PAMPEMADU, PERIYAKADU in Mar 2020. Latest addn is at POONTHODDAM in Oct 2020. Now, 56 Infantry division has 561 Infantry Brigade, 562 Infantry Brigade

a. 561 Infantry Brigade

  • (1) Under Command Battalions
  • (2) i0 SUJ — GR 507333
    • 16 SLSR
    • 17 (V) VIR

b. 562 Infantry Brigade

  • (1) Under Command Battalions
  • (2) 17 (V) SLLI— GR 615946
  • (2) (3) 2 (V) VIR— GR 528994

c. 563 Infantry Brigade

  • (1) Under Command Battalions
  • (2) 7SR— GR 726062

It includes area of approximately 1561.98 Sqkm. The AOR bounded from North - 573 Inf Brigade, from East - 623 Infantry Brigade, from South 21 Infantry Division and from West 653 Infantry Brigade. The total population is approx 161,271 and the area includes 04 x DS Divisions from Vavuniya district and part of 01 x DS Division from Mannar district, 01 x DS Division from Mulathiv district and 01 x DS Division from Anuradhapura district. Demography of the areas multi religious, multi ethnic and multilingual.

During the post conflict scenario, 56 Infantry Division is to defend the Area of Responsibility within boundaries from internal and external threats and to assist civil authorities including police to maintain law and order by performing appropriate combat operations and CIMIC/ MACA activities in order to maintain secure environment within SF HQ (W) AOR to support national security objectives. Maj Gen S Kasturimudali RSP ndc psc is presently holding the appointment as GOC in 56 Infantry Division from 30 August 2022.

Maj Gen S Kasturimudali RSP ndc psc

Past General Officer Commanding – 56 Infantry Division

From To
Brig MDS Chandrapala RSP USP psc 17.10.1997 01.11.1998
Maj Gen WADGA Gunasekara RSP USP psc 01.11.1998 10.11.1999
Maj Gen HB Thibbotumunuwe RWP USP IG 10.11.1999  05.03.2001
Maj Gen CJ Ranaweera RWP RSP USP 05.03.2001  20.05.2002
Brig UBL Fernando RWP RSP psc 20.05.2002 18.08.2003
Maj Gen N Wijesinghe USP ndc IG 20.08.2003 28.12.2003
Maj Gen NA Ranasinghe RSP USP ndc psc 31.12.2003 21.12.2005
Maj Gen NAJC Dias RWP RSP 08.01.2006 13.06.2007
Maj Gen JC Rambukpotha RSP USP psc IG  15.06.2007 19.12.2008
Maj Gen HCP Gunathilaka RSP USP psc 20.12.2008 07.06.2009
Brig PMR Bandara psc 07.06.2009  18.06.2009
Brig NAPC Napagoda IG 18.06.2009 05.08.2012
Brig DAR Ranawaka RSP IG 06.08.2012 28.01.2015
Brig DMWWWMRBM Dalugala RSP 28.01.2015 03.09.2015
Brig IP Ranasinghe RWP RSP ndu psc 04.09.2015 04.11.2016
Brig HJ Senavirathne RWP RSP ndu 04.11.2016 01.01.2017
Brig TJ Nanayakkara RWP USP ndu 02.01.2017  09.04.2018
Maj Gen DAPN Dematanpitiya ndu psc 18.04.2018 18.06.2019
Maj Gen HP Senavirathne VSV USP ndu 18.06.2019 09.10.2019
Maj Gen WMJRK Senarathne RWP RSP 09.11.2019   29.05.2020
Maj Gen AN Amarasekara USP ndu 29.05.2020 22.07.2020
Maj Gen KWR de Abrew RWP RSP USP psc Hdmc 22.07.2020 06.12.2020
Maj Gen HP Ranasinghe RWP RSP ndc 06.12.2020 15.01.2021
Maj Gen U U K L S Perera RWP RSP USP psc
Maj Gen L D S S Liyanage RSP USP psc Hdmc
Maj Gen HGPM Kariyawasam RSP ndc psc IG 28.08.2022 13.02.2024
Maj Gen S Kasturimudali RSP ndc psc 13.02.2024 Up to date

Contact Details

Postal Address - 56 Infantry Division, Army Camp, Kokeliya, Vavuniya
E mail Addresses - 56div@army.lk,
Telephone Numbers - 024-3125648
025-3242963 (Micro 58727)
Fax - 011-4058725 (Micro 58725)