Security Forces (Central)


Diyatalawa is a "Happy Valley" situated in salubrious climate of 5000 feet above sea level and the garrison came into prominence during the 20th century which was initially used as a prison to station Boer War prisoners in 1901. Since then with periodical changes Diyatalawa continued to be the main military training hub. This cantonment is consists with Army Training Command, Sri Lanka Military Academy, Marksmanship and Sniper Training School and Volunteer Force Training School. The Security Forces Headquarters (Central) was raised in Diyatalawa garrison in 14th March 2013. Major General HCP Goonetilleke RSP USP ndc psc become the 1st Commander of the Security Forces (Central). To date there been 8 commanders in succession and Major General WRP De Silva USP ndu IG took over the duties on 25 October 2018.