Security Forces (Central)

08th July 2019 16:33:06 Hours


A lecture has been conducted on the causes of committing suicide by the Directorate of Army Preventive Medicine and Mental Health Service on 02 July 2019 and 04 July 2019 at the Lecture Hall of 11 Division and the Torch Cinema Hall of Sri Lanka Military Academy Diyatalawa respectively. This timely lectures were conducted with the instructions of the Commander Security Forces (Central), Major General G J L Waduge RWP RSP VSV USP ndu. At this event, Colonel A P T S Ariyarathne RSP along with three other Psychological Counselors from Directorate of Army Preventive Medicine and Mental Health Service educated the military personnel on this subject

The intention of this lecture was to make aware the Military Personnel on depression which transforms the soldiers even to commit suicide at occasions they cannot understand the real situation which they are in. Further, the lecturers emphasized that these soldiers tend to select the committing suicide as the best option for certain unbearable circumstances and this decision is totally based on disappointment and the depression. It was made aware that avoiding such circumstances, understanding of the problem and face it confidently would be the solutions for these.