Security Forces (Central)

08th July 2019 16:42:54 Hours


Thousands of earnest devotees hailing from all communities specially Tamil Hindus are undertaking the annual “Pada Yatra” or foot pilgrimage through the Yala National Park to Katharagama during Esala festival that commences in the month of July Consequently, this year also the festive season started on 03 July 2019 and it will continue until 17 July 2019. During this event the pilgrims reach the destination with a lot of hardships. Therefore, it is essential to provide required assistance to the participants in order to make them more comfortable.

Accordingly, on the direction of the General Officer Commanding of 12 Division, Major General G D B D K Jayathilake USP ndu, and the financial support of the Ruhunu Maha Katharagama Devalaya, a dansala is being conducted to provide three meals for these devotees as well as the other pilgrims. Further, the troops of the 12 Division and under command units provide their fullest contribution for this charity campaign.