Security Forces (Central)

26th August 2019 14:43:43 Hours


In accordance with a concept of the Commander of the Army, new innovations exhibitions are organized each year by all the Security Force Headquarters and in parallel with that, the Security Forces Headquarters (Central) also organized an exhibition of the same nature under the direction and supervision of the Commander Security Forces (Central), Major General G J L Waduge RWP RSP USP VSV ndu. The exhibition 2019 was held on 23 August at the Torch Cinema Hall of Sri Lanka Military Academy.

Brigadier General Staff of Security Forces (Central), Brigadier S M S P B Samarakoon participated in the inauguration ceremony as the Chief Guest. Further, other senior officers, officers as well as other ranks of the under command Divisions, Brigades, Units and Training Schools witnessed the exhibition.

Moreover, 31 new innovations had been exhibited representing the under command formations of Security Forces (Central). From that 12 new innovations were from the Officer Cadets of the Sri Lanka Military Academy and that made this year’s exhibition remarkable.

Dr D R P E Kalidasa, Senior Lecturer S T C I Wimaladasa of Uva Wellassa University, and Lieutenant Colonel Gunasena of Research and Analytical Branch participated in the ceremony in order to evaluate the good quality of the new innovations. The students of the nearby schools were also privileged to witness this exhibition. The first place was obtained by Kumara D A C (S/S 105811) of Engineer Services Regiment and his innovation was a machine which can be used to paint buildings as well as the vehicles easily. Further, the production cost of this is also lower and it is easy to produce.