Security Forces (Central)

21st August 2019 09:09:05 Hours

Mount Pedro’ Monument Receives New Facelift Refreshing Memories

A new facelift and an overall renovation was done to the monument on the country’s highest point of elevation, ‘Mount Pedro’ or Pidurutalagala . The 6.2 km long road to the top was completed way back in 1990 which remained unattended for years.

Under the guidance of the Commanding Officer of 4 (V) Sri Lanka Engineers (SLE), troops gave a facelift to this landmark monument atop the peak and invited the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayaketo unveil the renovated monument on 12 August 2019. In 1990 in the rank of Captain, he was the Commanding Officer of the 5 Field Engineers who contributed for the erection of this road patch to Pidurutalagala top.

After unveiling the completely renovated monument, the Commander of the Army recalled memories, related to the construction of the road patch to the peak as well as the hardships all soldiers had to undergo during the construction.

The Commander Security Forces (Central), Major General G J L Waduge RWP RSP VSV USP ndualso participated in the reopening ceremony of the renovated monument. Further, the Additional Engineer Mr G.R.A.S Gunathilake (CECB Company) and several senior military officers as well as other ranks also participated in the event.