Security Forces (Central)

06th June 2019 18:10:11 Hours


A tree planting programme was launched in Bambarakanda Reserve on 05 June 2019 in accordance with a concept of the His Excellency the President and in parallel with the World Environment Day. Accordingly, troops of Security Forces Headquarters (Central) also assisted this nature friendly programme with the guidance of the Commander Security Forces (Central), Major General G J L Waduge RWP RSP VSV USP ndu and the supervision of the Chief Civil Coordinating Officer of the Security Forces (Central), Lieutenant Colonel W R M P Wijesundara of Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps. This programme was organized in conjunction with the Hadabima Authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and Haldummulla Divisional Secretariat.

The Commander Security Forces (Central) participated in this programme along with 07 officers and more than 210 soldiers. Further, the president of the Hadabima Authority, Divisional Secretary of Haldummulla, the President of Haldummulla Pradeshiya Sabh and the people of the area also took part in this programme. The intention of this programme was to nourish the Bambarakanda Reserve by planting more than 1500 plants which is of paramount importance in developing the environment.