Service through Wisdom


The endeavour of AWC is to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance learning experience by facilitating academic discourse to share knowledge and experience of courses of study and instructions related to land power, security, defence, management and strategic studies.
  • Encourage research and development on matters related to military history, contemporary and future security, defence and strategic issues and challenges.
  • Develop awareness and understanding on contemporary challenges and issues related to intelligence and surveillance.
  • Integrate and enhance the use of Information Technology to develop learning experience, knowledge and skills.
  • Promote and share strategic knowledge, understanding and insight to prepare middle grade and senior level Officers to contribute to security and defence needs of the state.
  • Develop competent and skillful professional military leaders with strategic insight to hold middle grade and senior level responsibilities.
  • Create a forum to conduct seminars, conferences and workshops on matters related to security, defence and military development and strategic studies in collaboration with local and overseas partners.
  • Be the leading institution in developing land power concepts, strategies and doctrines.