Service through Wisdom

Defence Studies Branch

1.         The DSB educational practice is based on direction-based mode of graduate study. The curriculum centers on the examination of theory, concepts, and application of military strategy, decision making, and conflict analysis. The core curriculum offers a foundation of knowledge upon which later exercises the theories applied, and enhances professionalism through skill development. The central academic focus is on strategic studies and professional development. Graduates are expected to understand the linkages between strategy and the other elements of power at the national level and the planning and conducting of warfare at the theater level.

2.         The DSB endeavors to nurture the students` growth intellectually, morally and physically. Solid student officer and DS relationships are essential for the professional and personal development. A student’s educational enhancement is holistically supervised and advised. The aim of DSB is to prepare student officers to be professionally qualified to hold higher appointments in the Sri Lanka Army and shoulder a wide range of responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead. The measure of our success will solely be perceived with the contribution made by DSB graduates during the remainder of their careers.

3.         The DSB will provide opportunities for education and take actions in response to allegations of academic misconduct and those who observe the principles of academic integrity are not put at a disadvantage. It is ensured that the College reputation and standards are protected to maintain the standards and credibility of the DS body.

4.         To this end, the DSB endeavors to:

  • Educate student officers to be a professionally military outfit and to empower student officers to serve in any military establishment.
  • To strengthen the foundation of the career of a military officer and to uplift the professional competence to hold Grade1/II/III level command, staff and instructional appointments.
  • To develop essential personal traits to become a confident unit commander.
  • To develop skills and knowledge on command, leadership and management aspects during peace and war and to enhance creativity and skillful use of decision-making process during all types of military planning and conduct of operations.
  • To provide adequate knowledge on strategic studies to inculcate awareness on local and global environment.
  • To exercise on the employment of forces across the spectrum of operations at tactical level.
  • To impart essential knowledge on role and task of Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Air Force in conducting joint operations.
  • To enhance knowledge on unit administration, staff-work and procedures and effective communication skills.