Service through Wisdom

Administration and Log Branch

The Administrative and Logistics Branch is responsible for provision of administrative and logistics support for smooth conduct of training. Being an officer training centre with international military students, the AWC needs a flawless administration and logistics. It consists of Centre Police, Facility Complex, Accounts Section, Officers’ Mess, WOs & Sgts’ Mess, Admin Company, CES Squadron, Q Stores and MT Company, and is headed by a Staff Officer I who is directly accountable for the Deputy Commandant in accomplishing administrative and logistics objectives of the College.

Responsibilities of Administrative and Logistics Branch:

  1. Handling of PRI account.
  2. Supervise all administrative matters.
  3. Coordinate all ESR matters.
  4. Coordinate Fuel & Transport.
  5. Maintain of Ordinance Stores.
  6. Supervision of Q matters & rations stores.
  7. Reserving of Twin guest & H2 building.
  8. Obtained the higher headquarters approval pertain to all Log matters