School Of Signals
In 1964, Signal Training Squadron was formed under the 1st Regiment of Sri Lanka Signal Corps at Panagoda. The Squadron was elevated to a School of Signals in 1991 under the Regimental Centre Sri Lanka Signal Corps. Kandy, a world heritage city was selected the ideal place to establish the School on 15th July 1991. With the rapid expansion of the Sri Lanka Army, the School of Signals too expanded and undertook to conduct a wide range of training courses pertaining to Signals and several other courses as well. Since then, keeping to the moto 'Technological Sound', the School of Signals has been maintaining high standard of training. The School of Signals fulfilled its duties at its best as a training institute not only conducting training programmes for the signalers and the Army personnel on signal duties but also conducting various courses for officers and other rankers from the tri-forces, and computer courses for children of soldiers killed, missing and wounded in action and of those who retired and still in service.
The School of Signals was selected to conduct leadership and personality development programmes scheduled in view of developing leadership qualities and positive thinking which would help produce productive and dynamic generation of youth and adult in the country facing oncoming challenges. It conducts programme for students qualified to enter universities and for graduates enlisted as Development Officers under the Ministry of Economic Development. The School has become popular among the people in Kandy as soldiers work along with the people in esprit de corps to provide protection and assistance during natural disasters and other emergency situations acting in the same way the Army followed during the Humanitarian Operation. It has been able to earn popularity among the people as the school is working in cooperation with people to fulfill common requirements of the area and also due to the services extended by this camp for the Temple of Tooth Relics and other temples and religious places. Captain KMRP Karunathilake as the Chief Instructor of the School of Signals made its first step forwards and later Major AA Perera was appointed as the acting Commandant of the School.