School Of Signals

Our Vision

Develop professionally qualified Officers and Other Ranks of Sri Lanka Army to meet Communication, Computer, Information and Cyber Space challenges during the War and Peace.


Our Mission

Is to conduct technical and tactical training required for Officers and Soldiers at different levels to enhance their skills and knowledge in order to accomplish Communication, Computer, Information and Cyber space assignment professionally.



The proposed objectives of School of Signals are as follows:

a. To develop Officers as professional and competent commander up to battalion level by developing their mission command capabilities to apply the principles and techniques in any communication matters.

b. To provide basic communication training to all newly enlisted Regimental Signal Officers to carry out their tasks in an effective and efficient manner in varying environments.

c. To provide professional Communication, Computer and Information Technology training for all Other Ranks of the Corps of Signal to carry out their tasks in an effective and efficient manner.

d. To improve the skills in trade proficiency capabilities of all Other Ranks of Corps of Signal in their trades.

e. To train and develop infantry soldiers of other arms to be professionally knowledgeable to work as Regimental Signal Officers and Regimental Signalers of their own arms and services.

f. To provide specialized training on operational communication for Commando and Special Forces troops to sustain in specialized operations.

g. To upgrade all the course to NVQ level standards.

h. To train the soldiers of Sri Lanka Signal Corps to NVQ standards to meet the challenges in the outside field after retirement.

i. Timely update of signal doctrinal training material.



The School of Signals fulfilled its duties at its best as a training school not only conducting training programme for the signallers and the Army personnel on signal duties but also conducting various courses for the officers and other ranks from the tri-forces, and computer courses for the children of deceased, serving and retired personals of Sri Lanka Army.


The School of Signals was selected to conduct leadership and personality development programs, Scheduled in view of developing the leadership qualities and positive thinking in order to produce productive and dynamic generation of youth and adult in the country, amidst facing a lot of challenges. The School of Signals Conduct this programme for the students those qualified to enter universities and public service.


The School of Signals has become popular among the people in Kandy, as soldiers worked along with the people to provide protection and assistant during natural disasters and other emergency situations acting in the same way the Army did it during the humanitarian operation by taking precautionary measures to protect the people and working along with them as one team. It has also become popular among the people as this school is cooperating with the people to fulfill common requirements of the area and also due to the services extended by this camp for the Temple of Tooth Relics and also other temples and religious places.