Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment

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23rd January 2018 15:10:21 Hours


This year National War Hero (Ranaviru) Commemoration Dayâ solemn ceremony of North Western Province was held on 18 June 2017 at Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment War Hero Monument, dignified by the presence of Provincial Governor for North Western Province Hon Amara Piyaseeli Rantnayaka and Hon Darmasiri Dasanayaka The Chief Minister North Western Province, Mrs Anoma Fonseka Chairperson Rana Viru Seva Authority,Maj Gen A Kariyakarawana USP ndc ComdSF HQ (KLN) and Col of the Regt- VIRwith participation of religious leaders, provincial officers and military and Police personnel serving in the North Western Province along with700 NOKs of fallen war heroes.

The parade was consisted with Tri- services and police and the Ceremony commenced with the hosting of national flag and reciting of National Anthem. Two-minute silence was observed to honour the heroes who laid their lives to safeguard territorial integrity of the motherland. Religious observances were conducted by Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic and Islamic priests. All officials and participants have paid floral tribute to the monument.