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23rd January 2018 15:10:21 Hours

VIR Celebrates Bakmaha Ulela

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year has become an important national festival for both Sinhala Buddhists and the Tamil Hindus of Sri Lanka. It is unique because it is not celebrated in any other country as a national festival. Viajayabahu Aurudu Festival was held at Regimental ground on 29th April 2017. Col of the Regiment Maj Gen Ajith Kariyakarawane USP ndc grace as the event as the chief guest.

There were many eye catching events organized by Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment and those event have made an enjoyable day for all participant. Four types of Gami Gedara Kammal Gedara Deewara Gedara and Karaththa Gedara were highlighted due to it shows how our forefathers celebrated this wonderful event with deferent cultures.

The variety of traditional folk-games and fun-making events such as bun eating, the best laugh, fancy dress competition, musical chairs, cross country races, slow movement cycling, tug of war, pillow-fighting, marathon races, balancing games, hurdle runs, spotting the elephants\' eye, Hitting the pot, weaving Coconut leaves etc. And also VIR did not forget the support extended by the civilian staff .Special events such as 100m race and mini-obstacle race were organized exclusively for them and all civilian staff members awarded with an \"Aluth Awurudhu\" gift. At the climax of the event Awurudhu-Kumari Pageant and the Awaurudhu-Kumara Pageant grabbed the attention of entire mass.More than 20 events were conducted during the day and valuable gifts have presented to winners.

Centre Commandant Brig WS Ariyasinghe RSP and many senior officers / officers and their spouses/ families gathered to witness the this events and many of them attended with gammes and share their happiness.