Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment

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14th June 2024 19:31:22 Hours


The Vijaybahu Infantry Regiment bade formal farewell to the retiring Brigadier S C Ekanayaka RSP upon completion of 35 years of valuable service to the organization in a fitting ceremony which took place on 13 June 2024.

Accordingly, outgoing Brigadier Shiron Ekanayaka was accorded a ceremonial Guard Turnout and a ceremonial Parade in appreciation of his service to the regiment, where he addressed all the troops and extended his thanks to all members.

During the farewell ceremony, Brigadier Shiron Ekanayaka paid his tributes to the fallen war heroes of the regiment by laying flower wreaths to the War Heroes’ Monument and PWV Monument. Further, he was honoured by an All-Rank tea party organized by all ranks of the regiment.

Bracing an old military tradition, the regiment hosted a Farewell Guest Night to mark the retirement of Brigadier Shiron Ekanayaka along with his spouse, Mrs Dhammi Ekanayaka at “The Salute” multifunctional hall under the direction of the Commander Security Forces Central and Colonel of the Regiment of Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment, Major General Rohitha Aluvihare RWP RSP ndu psc.

Members of the Regimental Council and several senior officers including other officers, along with their spouses, attended the farewell dinner which reached its climax with the presentation of mementos to the day's protagonists in appreciation of the service rendered to the Regiment and the Army as a whole. As a custom, a specially designed token of appreciation was also presented to the outgoing member of the Vijayabahu Seva Vanitha Branch.

In addition, under the direction of Colonel of the Regiment, 11 retired senior officers of the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment were invited to the event and honoured with the presentation of mementos in appreciation of the service rendered to the Regiment and the Army as a whole.