Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment

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24th December 2023 09:45:28 Hours


The Officers’ Training Day for the fourth quarter of the year 2023 was successfully held at the Regimental Centre, the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment on 21st December 2023 with the participation of more than 100 officers including several council members and a few other senior officers of the regiment.

As scheduled, the day's proceedings commenced with a morning physical training session at the Regimental Playground followed by drill training at the parade ground of the Regimental Centre. The day’s first lecture was conducted on the topic of "Awareness Programme of Gaming and Gambling" by Captain PMPS Chandrarathna who is an IT expertise belongs to 2 Commando Regiment. The second session was a lecture on the topic of "Future of Your Career: Points to Ponder ", conducted by Lieutenant Colonel Lt Col H D C Silva RWP RSP USP psc, Staff Officer I - Officer Career Planning Cell of Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment. Breaking the monotony of the day, participants got the opportunity to play their preferred sports during the evening recreational session.

In line with the Officers’ Training Day, another successful Diners Club session was held at “The Salute” Multifunctional Hall, Boyagane with the participation of officers serving in various military establishments including officers of VIR Battalions. As the guest speaker of the night, one of the renowned Consultant Pediatricians (retd), Dr.PM Wijayawardana conducted an informative and thought -provoking lecture on the topic “Approach to Successful Family”. Officers took the opportunity to share their views with the audience and had an interactive session with the guest speaker.

The Centre Commandant of Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment including a few Regimental Council Members, Senior Officers and several other Officers also participated in this event.