Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment

Nothing is beyond endurance for the one who excels

14th June 2024 19:40:26 Hours


Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment, following its’ traditions and military formalities with the blessings of the Commander Security Forces Central and Colonel of the Regiment of Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment, Major General Rohitha Aluvihare RWP RSP ndu psc and supervision of the Centre Commandant, saluted the newly promoted Brigadier M L D S Molligoda USP psc, Brigadier B Y C Fernando RWP USP, Brigadier M J Ubeysekara RSP psc and Brigadier K H Perera RSP on 13 June 2024 in a fitting ceremony, held at the VIR Regimental Centre, Boyagane.

Tributes were respectively offered by warmly receiving the day's Guests of Honour and subsequent Guard Turnout at the entrance in accordance with military formalities. Afterwards, in remembrance of all fallen Vijayabahu War Heroes, Brigadier Shiron Molligoda, Brigadier Yohan Fernando, Brigadier Malitha Ubeysekara and Brigadier Hemantha Perera laid the floral wreaths at the War Heroes Monument and PWV Monument paying their tributes in a sincere ceremony.

Leaving an indelible gesture, the newly flag-ranked officers were then ushered to All-Rank tea party arranged at the Mens’ Club and symbolic mementoes were presented by the Colonel of the Regiment of Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment to engrave this remarkable event. Then, Brigadier Shiron Molligoda together with Yohan Fernando, Malitha Ubeysekara and Hemantha Perera expressed their gratitude to the Colonel of the Regiment, Centre Commandant, all Staff Officers and Other Ranks of the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment for arranging such a grateful felicitation for them in a short preparation.