Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment

Nothing is beyond endurance for the one who excels

17th March 2022 17:46:22 Hours


On 12 March 2022, revitalizing an age-old military tradition, Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment Centre hosted a farewell military dinner night by adhering all the safety measures stipulated by the Government and the health authorities to prevent the COVID- 19 pandemic, in honour of the retiring Brigadier D H K S Wijerathne RSP, an honorary council member of the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment and outgoing member of the Vijayabahu Seva Vanitha Branch Mrs. Kumudu Wijerathne at “The Salute” multifunctional hall, Boyagane, Kurunegala, in which the service was hailed and awarded accolades with the direction of the Director General General Staff, Commander Army Training Command and Colonel of the Regiment VIR, Major General Major General S U M N Manage WWV RWP RSP psc. Brigadier Keerthi Wijerathne is the first ever Volunteer VIR Intake Officer to wear Brigadier rank and rewritten the VIR Volunteer Cadre history.

Brigadier Keerthi Wijerathne and his spouse were welcomed warmly on arrival at the venue by Officers and spouses of the Vijayabahu Family. The Centre Commandant, Brigadier Prabath Kodithuwakku raised the toast and made the laudatory speech at the occasion, in which he paid a glowing tribute to the 33 years distinguished military service of Brigadier Keerthi Wijerathne to the Sri Lanka Army.

The day's farewell treat reached at its climax with presentation of mementos to the day's protagonist by the Colonel of the Regiment of the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment in appreciation of the service rendered on behalf of the Regiment. As a custom President of the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment Seva Vanitha Branch Mrs. Kumudu Manage presented a specially designed token of appreciation to the outgoing member of the Vijayabahu Seva Vanitha Branch Mrs. Kumudu Wijerathne. Senior Officers, Staff Officers of the Vijayabahu Infantry Regimental Centre and their spouses were there to bid him farewell.