Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment

Nothing is beyond endurance for the one who excels

23rd January 2018 15:10:19 Hours


Sri Lanka Commemorating 69th National Independence Day under the theme, “National Unity” in a simple, yet dignified ceremony at the Galle Face Green on 4th February 2017. Commander of the Security forces Headquarters Kilinochci and The Colonel of the Regiment Maj Gen A. Kariyakarawana USP ndc has commanded the National Independence Parade and He is the first officer from Vijayabahu Infantry regiment who had opportunity to command three forces, Police, Civil Defence force and National Cadet Core in an Independence parade. Parade tribute honor to His Excellency the President Maithrepala Sirisena and Parade squad represented Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment have done a immense team work and shows skills of personal drills during rehearsal sessions and did tremendously on Independence day as well. Everybody were appreciated the drill displayed by them. Maj RWDB Rathninda RWP RSP has commanded the Vijayabahu Parade furthermore they have put on show a tremendous and competent parade. Colonel of the Regiment Maj Gen A Kariayakarawana USP ndc has spoke to all officers and Other Rankers on 5th February 2017 at the Regimental headquarters. During his Speech he has appreciated the talent shows during the parade and Colonel of the Regiment highlighted dedication commitment they did to make this success. Centre Commandant Brigadier WS Ariyasinghe RSP, Deputy Centre Commandant Colonel PGMPJ Pananwala RSP , All staff officers were gathered in this significant event and all of them pass on good wishes to the Officers and all Other Rankers who have participated for the 69th Independence day Parade.