Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment

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23rd January 2018 15:10:19 Hours

Awareness Programme for Service Personnel on HIV-AIDS

An awareness programme for soldiers on ‘HIV and AIDS’, serving in the Headquarters of Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment Kurunagala took place on Wednesday 01 Dec 2016 at the Regimental Headquarters. \r\nOn the instructions of the Col of the Regiment VIR, Major General Ajith Kariyakarawana USP ndc, the awareness programme coincided with the World AIDS day which falls on 01 December each year.\r\n536 Military personnel from the headquarters of Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment participated to the informative lecture, delivered jointly by a team of scholars from Jhon Keels charity Foundation headed by Mr Ivon Perera. \r\nBrig WS Ariyasinghe RSP Centre Comdt RHQ VIR and Senior Staff Officers attended the event, along with Commanding Officer and Officers of RHQ Bn Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment.\r\n