Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment

Nothing is beyond endurance for the one who excels

29th January 2022 18:00:00 Hours


In order to improve shooting skills, comradeship among all ranks and aimed at selecting suitable performers for local and international competitions, the ‘Inter Regiment Combat Firing Meet 2021’ of the MSTS underwent from 16 January 2022 to 26 January 2022 with the participation of 34 firing teams at the field firing range at Diyatalawa under the supervision of the Army Small Arms Association (ASAA).

Those 34 participating teams are vied under three categories, namely; the ‘Novices Open’, ‘Open Event’ and the ‘Senior Officers’ Event’. In the Open category, 21 teams vied with one another while 13 teams compete in the Novices Open category.

In the Senior Officers’ category, competitions took place under Lieutenant Colonel who are Commanding Officers and Colonels while all Flag Rank Officers above the rank of Brigadiers participated in a separate sub category.

Participants had to complete the 9 km run, firing of 10 rounds in the 300 m range, firing of 20 rounds in the 200 m range, firing of 10 rounds in 100 m range and firing of 10 rounds in the 50 m range.

At the awarding ceremony which was held on 29 January 2022 with the gracious presence of General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army as the Chief Guest, VIR shooters were rewarded including Commander of the Army’s Medal for the following individual performances.

Novices Best CO - 1st Place - Maj D P K de Silva RWP RSP 11 VIR (199/250)

Best CO - Runner-Up - Lt Col D K D Vithanage RSP 6 VIR (182/250)

Best 2IC - Runner-Up - Maj R M E Rajapaksha RSP 9 VIR (227/250)

Best Shooter - Cpl Jayalath 18 VIR (242/250)

Best SNCO - 2nd Runner-Up - S/Sgt Rajamuni 1 VIR (231/250)

Best NCO - 1st Place - Cpl Jayalath (242/250)

Best Pte - 2nd Runner-Up - Pte Herath 10 VIR (214/250)

WO II Saman Kumara (204/250)