Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force

Deputy Commandant

Major General J D C G Jayasinghe KSV KSP

Deputy Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force

Major General J D C G Jayasinghe is a reputed military officer who has been serving to this prestigious organization and during the past era when the country placed anarchy with the emergence of terrorism sacrificing his life to safeguard the motherland. The senior officer has performed duties in both operational and non-operational areas and is a battle-hardened officer who was injured in the battle. He has counted over 34 years of commissioned service and a well-nurtured descendant of the Gajaba Regiment.

He is a proud product of Sri Somananda College and Sri Subhuthi Central College and after completing his secondary education, he joined the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force with the Intake 3 & 4 on 14 February 1986. After the successful military training at Sri Lanka Military Academy, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant on 27 June 1986 and posted to 2nd (V) Battalion of the Gajaba Regiment.

He took over the duties as Deputy Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force on 16 October 2020 and he extended his service in various capacities including, Platoon Commander - 2 (V) Gajaba Regiment (Trincomalee/ Wilgamwehera/ Kanthale/ Kovilladi/ Muthur/ Thiriyaya/ Sardhapura/ Kankasanthurai- Jaffna, Colombo and Mahindapura), Officer Commanding - 7 (V) Gajaba Regiment (Anicut Junction, Batticaloa), Staff Officer III (Officers Branch) - HQ SLAVF, Staff Officer II (Officers Branch) -HQ SLAVF, Commanding Officer- 11 (V) Gajaba Regiment (Jaffna), Liaison Officer - Regimental Headquarters the Gajaba Regiment (Saliyapura), Civil Affairs Officer - 23 Division, Sector Commander - HQ Operations Control Centre, Chief Coordinating Officer - SFHQ (Jaffna), Colonel Logistics (Overlooking)- HQ SLAVF, Colonel Coordinating Officer - 23 Division, Colonel Coordinating Officer - SFHQ (East), Colonel Coordinating Officer -SFHQ (Central), Brigadier Coordinating Officer - SFHQ (West) and Brigadier Administration - HQ SLAVF.

For his unblemished and distinguished service to the nation, he was awarded with the Karyakshama Seva Vibushanaya (KSV) and the Karyakshama Seva Padakkama (KSP).

He is married to Mrs Devayani Kalinga and blessed with two daughters, Eesha and Timali.