Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force

30th March 2022 16:48:41 Hours


The administrative inspection of various Volunteer Battalions deployed in the country are carried out by the Headquarters of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force as a part of annual schedule in order to ensure a sound administrative mechanism in the respective battalions and streamline the overall mechanism conforming to the Sri Lanka Army.

A team of Officers presided by the Deputy Commandant, Major General S N Samarawickrama KSP and Other Ranks of the Headquarters of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force conducted the Annual Administrative Inspection of the Volunteer Battalions deployed under Security Force Headquarters (East) from 21 March 2022 to 24 March 2022 on the directions of the Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force Major General C D Weerasuriya RWP RSP ndu.

The routine inspection mainly focused on the functional aspects of its battalions that strengthening the administration of the battalions under the area of responsibility of Security Force Headquarters (East).

During this period, Deputy Commandant paid visits to 2 (Volunteer) Sri Lanka Signal Corps, 8 Sri Lanka National Guard and 2 (Volunteer) Gajaba Regiment, and he was accorded with a Guard Turnout by the troops of the Battalions. Further, the Senior Officer visited 18 Sri Lanka National Guard. The event was followed by a tree planting programme in the camp premises by the Senior Officer.

Deputy Commandant paid a courtesy call on Major General P M L Chandrasiri WWV RWP RSP ndu, Commander of the Security Force (East) and Colonel of the Regiment of the Gemunu Watch.

The Deputy Commandant addressed the respective troops spelling out the procedural action taken in developing the Battalions while disseminating directives for the upliftment of the establishment.

Senior Officers, Officers and Other Ranks nominated, participated in the occasion following the health directives issued for COVID 19.