Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force

17th May 2023 14:11:58 Hours


Streamlining the smooth organizational mechanism of the battalions deployed in the country, the annual administrative inspection is carried out in order to assure functional aspects in compliance with the Sri Lanka Army as a primary itinerary of the Volunteer Force.

A gathering of officers presided by Major General Thusitha Silva KSP, the Deputy Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force performed the annual administrative inspection of the volunteer battalions deployed under Security Forces Headquarters (West) on 10 -12 May 2023 under the directions of Major General WASS Wanasinghe RSP VSV USP ndu, the Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force.

In honour of the arrival of Deputy Commandant to the camp premises, a Guard Turnout was accorded by the respective troops of battalions, and the senior officer attended formalities scheduled conferred to the programmes. The inspection proceedings were set out at the 6 (Volunteer) Engineer Services Regiment on 10 May, 1 (Volunteer) Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps on 11 May and 2 (Volunteer) Sri Lanka Army Service Corps on 12 May.

The inspection over the administration of the battalions under the area of responsibility of Security Forces Headquarters (West) took place in adherence with the stipulated administrative procedures. Twenty volunteer battalions were inspected administratively and it was primarily designed in close examining the routine establishment conventions with the aim of regulating the issues of the entire administrative functioning.

Concluding the administrative inspection carried out, the troops of the battalions were addressed while disseminating necessary directives, and the procedural actions arrivedwere spelled out for meeting thus circumstances.