Sri Lanka Army Service Corps

Serve with Dignity



Being originated with the role, tasks and structure of the 'Royal Supply and Transport Corps', 'Ceylon Supply and Transport Corps' troops were authorized to wear the insignia of the 'Royal Supply and Transport Corps' at its' inception. It was a colorful insignia with depicting the service rendered by the corps as well as the importance of the ‘Royal Crown’ for the corps and the corps troops. However, when the corps was re-designated as the 'Ceylon Army Service Corps' with the gradual expansion of its the insignia also changed slightly with the crown over the top of the insignia, with bronze monochrome with the letters CASC inside a blue circle.

The present insignia of the 'Sri Lanka army Service Corps' is having a comprehensive description in to the service rendered by the corps. The lion on the top of the badge is the lion in the national flag, where it symbolizes the loyalty to the nation. The pointers in the insignia towards all directions depicts that the services of the corps are available for all the troops in all directions in the island as the rays of the sun is distributed in all directions evenly (however the rays towards the top of the insignia is covered by the lion on the top). The wagon wheel inside the insignia portrays the transport support provided by the corps and the rice crop around the wheel symbolizes the supply cover provided by the corps. There is a bit outside the wagon wheel depicts the 'Honourary Belt' awarded to the corps by then the queen of the United Kingdom.


The flag of the corps is depicting a broader meaning of its color combination, where the three lines of white, blue and yellow colors respectively, are representing the services of the corps through air, sea and land. Thereby the corps insignia inside the flag in a centered position symbolizes the services of the corps to troops in all directions through air, sea and land.