Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps

Faithful in Distress

26th January 2024 20:26:56 Hours


In a heartfelt continuation of its welfare initiatives, the Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps (SLAMC) recently completed the construction of a new house for a deserving soldier under the 8th phase of the Army Commander’s Ranawiru Housing Fund. The house, located in Payagala, Kaluthara, was handed over to Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Warrant Officer 1 UIK Jayasinghe USP (Rtd) on January 19, 2024. This noble endeavor aimed to provide a proper dwelling for a dedicated serviceman and his family, symbolizing the Army's unwavering commitment to the well-being of its personnel.

The construction of the house was a collaborative effort, with troops from 4 SLAMC and 4 ESR lending their manpower, engineering, and technical expertise. Their dedication and hard work were instrumental in bringing this project to fruition, showcasing the spirit of unity and camaraderie within the military community. Additionally, the SevaVanitha Unit of SLAMC contributed by donating a furniture set, further enhancing the comfort and livability of the new home.

The inaugural ceremony of the housewarming was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including Colonel Commandant and Director General of Army Health Services, Major General PAC Fernando USP, who attended as the Chief Guest. Mrs. Nilmini Fernando, President of the Sava Vanitha Unit, along with senior officers, officers, and other ranks, also participated in the event, demonstrating their support and solidarity with the recipient and his family.

The construction of this house not only provides shelter but also symbolizes the gratitude and respect of the SLAMC towards its personnel who have dedicated years of service to the nation. It serves as a reminder of the unwavering support and commitment of the Army towards the welfare of its members, especially those who have sacrificed and served selflessly.