Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps

Faithful in Distress


The History of 2nd Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps (Volunteer)

The Ceylon Infantry Volunteers the first ever security force consisting Ceylonese soldiers was raised on 01st April 1881 after Ceylon became a British Colony.

A stretcher bearer company consisting 08 Medical students was serving as a support unit to the Ceylon Infantry. It was made an independent unit on 29.07.1881 under the command of Surgeon T H F Tothill, a retired Medical Officer of the British Royal Army. This marks the beginning of the Ceylon Medical Corps. With the expansion of its members, the Bearer Company was detached from the Ceylon Infantry and became an independent Unit in 1911. The first Commanding Officer was senior Officer Colonel H G Thomas of this unit which comprised 10 Officers and 102 other ranks. The first RSM was the WO I F M Alwis.

The necessary training was given to unit members at the Colombo Medical College. Thus the Medical corps has maintained a close rapport with the Medical College.

The Ceylon Army was established on 10.10.1949 in terms with the Army Act No 17, 1949 which was approved in Parliament. Till then volunteer Medical Corps was the only Medical unit in the country. The same unit became the Ceylon Army Medical Corps, a regular unit on 21.10.1950. .

Commanding Officers

Name From To
Surgeon THF Tothill 1881 1888
Major JL Vander Straatan 1889 1898
Major E Gratiaen 1899 1899
Major GJ Woutersz 1899 1904
Lt Col HG Thomas VD 1905 1912
Lt Col GW Vantwest VD 1913 1918
Lt Col David Rockwood VD 1919 1922
Lt Col SC Paul 1923 1926
Lt Col John Rockwood VD 1927 1930
Lt Col JSR Goonewardene VD 1931 1934
Lt Col Frank Gunasekera OBEED 1935 1938
Col VHL Anthonisz OBEED 1939 1945
Lt Col FG Smith OBEED 1946 1949
Lt Col Sidney F Jayawardene OBEED 1950 1952
Lt Col TR Jansen MBEED 1953 1954
Bvt Col E Soysa OBEED 1955 1958
Lt Col DA Kuruppu ED 1959 1962
Lt Col WD Ratnavale ED 1963 1965
Lt Col NF Gunasekera ED 1966 1968
Lt Col FD Wijesinghe ED 1969 1971
Lt Col PE Goonewardena ED 1972 1974
Bvt Col PAC De Silva 1975 1977
Bvt Col RH Peiries KSV 1978 1979
Bvt Col A Gabriel 1980 1982
Bvt Col RAH Goonerathne 1983 1985
Col SYDC Wickramasinghe 1986 1988
Col RC Rajapaksa 1989 1990
Col DR Karunarathne 1991 1994
Col USP Amarasekara 1995 1998
Col WASD Fernando 1999 2002
Col SWS Somaweera 2003 2006.09.26
Lt Col BL Ranasinghe 2006.09.27 2010.11.29
Lt Col DKSS Dodangoda RSP 2010.11.30 2013.12.19
Lt Col SAAS Kumara USP 2013.12.20 2016.08.14
Major RMDB Rajapaksa USP 2016.08.15 2019.08.04
Major RAAW Wijayasinghe 2019.08.05 2021.12.13
Major KDP De A Wijesinghe 2021.12.14 Upto Date