Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps

Faithful in Distress


The History of 1st Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps

After the granting of independence to Ceylon, the army act war promulgated in 1949. In accordance with the provisions of the army act of Ceylon Medical Corps of recognized and re designated Ceylon Army Medical Corps, consisting of a Regular and a Volunteer Unit. In 1950 Major HC Serasinghe, A volunteer Medical Officer was commissioned to the regular force and was appointed commanding officer Ceylon Army Medical Officer (Regular). After the Republic of Sri Lanka was established in 1972 the Ceylon Army Medical Corps was re-designated as Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps.

Commanding Officers

Name From To
Col DRP Suriyapperuma 1965 1975
Col MN Jilla 1975 1977
Brig RT Tambiah 1977 1982
Col HIK Fernando 1982 1985
Col C Thurairaja 1985 1990
Col HAR Perera 1990 1991
Col KDP Perera 1991 1992
Col HAR Perera 1992 1993
Col SADS Warushavithana 1993 1994
Lt Col SDC De Silva RWP RSP 1994 1999
Maj KP Sumanapala 1999 2001
Maj HT Wickramasekara 2001 2004
Lt Col PS Thilakarathna 2004 2009
Lt Col NPP Pakshaweera 2010 2011
Lt Col KPN Pathirana 2011 2013
Lt Col WHUD Wijerathna 2013 2015
Lt Col SN Semage USP 2015 2016
Lt Col RMUK Rajapaksha RWP 2016.02.25 2016.12.01
Lt Col SN Semage USP 2017.01.16 2017.09.28
Col SN Semage USP 2017.09.29 2018.06.29
Lt Col DMDJ Dissanayake RSP 2018.08.02 Upto Date