Security Force Headquarters

18th May 2019 13:08:38 Hours


As per the direction given by the Commander Security Forces Kilinochchi,Major General G V Ravipriya WWV RWP ndu IG, and the General Officer Commanding of 57 Division, Brigadier A S Hewawitharana RSP USP ndc IG, the troops of 7 SLLI organized a special prayer on 17 May 2019 at Slalam Jumma Mosque for commemorating the fallen people during the humanitarian operations in Kilinochchi area under the supervision of the Commander 571 Brigade Colonel S A N D Edirisinghe RWP RSP psc. The Commander Security Force Kilinochchi, the General Officer Commanding 57 Division and the Commander 571 Brigade participated for the religious observances with 11 x 60 Army personals and 130 Islam personals of the area.

At the end of the prayer Commander Security Forces Kilinochchi had a friendly discussion with the Muslim people participated at the prayer in order to encourage them to start their normal life in the area.