Security Force Headquarters


The Army Training Mission is to mould officers and men to deploy, fight and win in combat at all levels of intensity, in support of national security and defence strategies. Precise understanding and equitable application of lessons learnt over a period of three decades into training, brought success in defeating terrorism which appeared overwhelming in the minds of everyone during a dark period in near history. It is noteworthy to mention that, all elements i.e. combat, combat support and combat service support was able to accomplish their assigned roles in achieving highest National objectives by facing multiple threats posed by the LTTE with its global network of activities and technologies. This became a reality due to careful analysis of LTTE's equipments, leadership profiles, training and readiness and so forth to develop a strategy to neutralize the same and introduce into the training conducted in preparation of final encounter of the historical struggle. Now we are face with new challenges to preserve hard earned victory and to stand before the Nation as a Victorious Army by winning the hearts and minds of the people that we are to serve whilst trouncing anti national and separatist ideologies.

The winning formula in the battlefield which consisted of clear understanding of the degree of responsibility at each level along with the right combination of confidence, competence and initiative still stand validated even though we are fighting against a new set of competitors, especially political entities and individuals with separatist ideology. Most essential imperative of training in this context is to make officers and men to be able to take down my massage and the massages of Commander of the Army, Secretary of Defence, HE the President of Sri Lanka, and Nation as a whole and to stand before the public as a professional Army. Over and above this, it is important to up bring the massage and read the response of the people. Thereby approach to training will be aiming at braking the barriers of language and develop intuition to react in more stressful situation than in actual combat.

Mission oriented training for Security Force Kilinochchi will based on three pillars which provides steady and balance frame of mind for officers and men to work with whilst improving the envisage military image in the area. Knowledge on Tamil Language and culture, acquiring intelligence through situations together with the ability to face challenges without firearms will consolidate the three important pillars. Our culture, may it be Sinhala or Tamil, is rich in centuries old customs and traditions which harness the uniqueness of our Nation. Cultural practices should be introduced not only in training sessions but also in all other activities in units and formations to revamp and reenergise the dampen cultural ethos. Skills developed on intelligence techniques will improve the insight and unveil the dimensions of a situation with better prospects. Our officers and men should be strong enough to go into society with confidence. Developing skills on unarm combat is not just a waste of time and energy but building a strong character that does not depend on a firearm for his strength. These three pillars will eventually produce a strong force which can combat with any adversary. Army Training Effort may not be able to meet the demand of training for proportionate numbers to achieve this, thus local endeavours should cover larger participation during a single training cycle.

Everyone should bear in mind the fact that there is no margin for error. Therefore it is the responsibility of commanders at all levels to develop and equip all subordinates with skills and knowledge for justifiable application in any situation. Men should be educating to use their common sense. Approach to a problem should not be stereotype since the environment so divers and demands a pragmatic solution. All the training and other works under taken in the theatre should be to develop thinking officers and men who work with utmost quality. Providing quality and realistic training should be the aim of everyone involved in training and all courses should include programmes aimed at developing leadership, professionalism, knowledge, attitude, quality with common sense and skills of a military personal. All commanders must promote these essences to their subordinates at all times.

Security Force Headquarters is the highest Field Formation at Operational level and involves in activities which have the direct implication in Strategic and National level owing to the geographical and demographical importance of the district of Kilinochchi. All members of Security Force Kilinochchi should be aware of how important there are in achieving National goals and be motivated for maximum utilization of time and resources allocated for training both locally and under Army arrangement. I strongly expect everyone to dedicate in uplifting the standards and make the highest contribution to the formation, Army and the Nation as a whole. Training should not be considered as harassment but should take as a challenging and fervent activity which will harness not only the military career but also life as a member of the society. I commend all the subordinate commanders for tremendous efforts taken to make ongoing training process a success and look forward for the same in the future whilst expecting the highest priority for training from commanders at all levels. Competent and confident officers and men will build the cohesive organizations with a strong chain of command, high morale and good discipline. May Security Forces Kilinochchi triumph over entire Army being best among the excellent.