Security Force Headquarters


A red background defines the formation symbol of Security Force KILINOCHCHI. The symbol consists of the combination of a historical Shield decorated with three circles within each other. Embossed within the gold circle are the cardinal directions, a spear, a sword with a golden hilt, pair of golden sheaves of paddy along with the motto Noble Duty to the Motherland

The Shield made of hardened steel, which hadrons the free hand of a soldier, symbolizes the bravery and protective nature of the force. Three black circles surrounding the golden shield depicts the close bond with subordinate formations whilst the wheel of cardinal direction symbolizes the spread of power and command in all directions. Together it symbolizes that the Security Force Kilinochchi is comprised of strong, protective, tactful and a united force, which influences all.

The White Spear symbolizes the ability of its members to reach far and achieve their objectives swiftly and in the right direction with overwhelming power. The colour white signifies that power will only be directed for a just cause with purity in intention and for peace.

The sword is the reliable and trusted weapon used in battle. The Scabbard less sward symbolizes the readiness of its members for any engagement at all times, the silver blade symbolizes readiness to fight any injustice and to shine in virtue. Golden hilt represents the dignity, self-esteem and honour of its holder.

Golden Sheaves of paddy symbolizes prosperity. The knot tying the sheaves of paddy symbolizes the bond of its members, their humane approach, purity and honesty in thinking towards bringing prosperity to Kilinochchi and to the Nation.

The Motto “Noble Duty to the Motherland” stands prominent on a scroll of parchment symbolizing that all members of the Security Force stand united in aim of serving the Nation with dedication, bravery and commitment

Red background symbolizes the Colour of War that depicts the bravery, swift in action, victory, persistence, heroic conduct and strong leadership of all members of the Security Force Kilinochchi.

The flag signifies the core values of Security Force Kilinochchi that is instilled in all those who serve. These courageous men and women face all challenges with purity of heart, earnest and humanity to live and stand against injustice displaying great bravery, pride, self-esteem and to lead with power, direction and conviction.