Security Force Headquarters

27th April 2019 20:27:29 Hours


Disposal of garbage daily by the government and private sector causes various ecological, health and social issues in the society at present in Sri Lanka. The impact of this for the lovely hood of the burgess is enormous. With the objective of discovering a solution for this substance, 65 Division of Security Forces Headquarters Kilinochchi has introduced a money generation project for Garbage clearance. Collecting points of garbage such as Cardboard, Glass Bottles, Tins, Plastic Bottles and other garbage have been established at Bdes, Bns and Trg Schools of 65 Divs. As a motivating culture, following items will be bought at the above mentioned centres at the following rates:

a. Cardboard 1 Kg Rs. 10.00

b. Plastics 1 Kg Rs. 50.00

c. Plastic Bottles Rs. 10.00

d. Beer and Energy drinks bottle Rs. 50.00

e. Tins Rs. 6.00

f. White Glass pieces Rs. 5.00

g. Brown Glass pieces Rs. 2.00

h. green Glass pieces Rs. 1.00

i. Yogurt Cup Rs. 2.00

After buying, these items will be sold with a profit and the money will be utilized for the welfare of the sldrs. Apart from this, a programme of collecting coconut shells for charcoal has been introduced and 1 kg of coconut shells will be bought at a rate of Rs 8 and will generate Rs 65 for 1 kg of coconut shell charcoal. With the instruction of SF Comd (KLN) Maj Gen GV Ravipriya, this pgme will be introduced to the all fmns under SF HQ (KLN) very soon.

Further, Comd 65 Div Maj Gen Wasantha Kumarapperuma has stated that raw materials to be bought from the school students where students will be benefited and eco friendly environment will be shaped.

It is to be highlighted that all projects have been designed by the Col AQ of 65 Div Col Nalinda Ariyasena.