Security Force Headquarters

03rd August 2019 08:07:05 Hours


As per the direction of 66 Infantry Division, Colonel Ravi Pathiravithana, the Commander, 662 Infantry Brigade and his staff had an interactive session with religious leaders in the area on Tuesday, 30 July 2019 at the Headquarters 662 Infantry Brigade. The main objective of the meeting was to further enhance the understanding between civil society and the Army and to identify and address issues within the civil communities through a friendly discussion.

Christian religious heads from three churches, seventeen Hindu Priests, Commanding Officer 1 GR, second in Command 20 SLLI, Staff Officers of 662 Infantry Brigade and Officer Commanding of under command battalions attended the meeting. The Brigade commander initiated the meeting elaborating on Sri Lanka Army’s responsibility towards securing the area and protecting civilians. CIMIC activities and development projects, shutting off illegal activities and uplifting the living standards of the civilians. Further he emphasized the importance of maintaining an effective communication between the Army and the Civil Society to overcome prevailing challenges within the society.

In response to the Commander’s views, religious leaders agreed to provide their fullest support for the Army in all means to achieve the desired goals in future by maintaining a good understanding between two parties. At the end all the participants paid their gratitude to the Commander and all Staff of 662 Infantry Brigade, appreciating the effort in organizing this fruitful discussion.