Security Force Headquarters

28th July 2019 07:24:41 Hours


Troops of Security Force Headquarters (Kilinochchi) by establishing the country’s first ever Dasa bala Rawana Experiment and conservation Angampora village at Security Force Headquarters (Kilinochchi) with state patronage added a new chapter to the field of Army sports on 26 July 2019 during an induction (Kala Elimangalya) display of Army Angampora players before a gathering, headed by Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake Commander of the Army.

‘Angampora’ a martial art that dates back to the times of Sri Lankan royalties has been locally used as a particular self-defensive fighting technique, endowed with different characteristics, such as astrology, meditation, medical methods, sorcery, illusory tricks, etc and was practised exclusively by our royalties to resist foreign invaders who also during colonial times prohibited the practice of this ‘Angampora’ in the country since they feared its operational aspect.

The establishment of this special Village that consists of all componants the Angampora Village should have was a result of a concept of Major General GV Ravipriya WWV RWP ndu IG, Commander, Security Forces (Kilinochchi). 55 Army soldiers from seventeen units under the capable tutelage of recognized Angampora instructor whose generations relate their origins to the times of ancient Kings received a comprehensive training for more than 10 months before they became qualified.

The veteran instructor, Master Devinda Laksiri Ranasingha, performed a dedicated service to train those 55 Army Angampora players with enormous enthusiasm and commitment for 10 months.

The Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake 26 July 2019 evening unveiled a plaque and formally inaugurated the state-of-the-art Angampora Village and witnessed their thrilling skills in a display that sent shock waves among the spectators.

Commander of the army having evaluated the significance of the project have extended their fullest cooperation for establishment of this training institute as a permanent wing with the objective of popularizing this martial art among the youth since the Army has now taken the initiative in this regard.

Commander, Security Forces (Kilinochchi) Major General GV Ravipriya WWV RWP ndu IG, received the Army Commander on arrival at the venue to be introduced to veteran instructors who took pains to train Army personnel in Angampora. Those instructors’ contribution to the training was appreciated by the Commander by presenting separate gifts and mementos to them at the end of program.

The Commander’s brief address to the occasion praised all those who worked hard to bring this old fighting method back to life and appreciated their dedication.

Before the end of the event, Commander, Security Forces (Kilinochchi) Major General GV Ravipriya WWV RWP ndu IG, presented a memento to the day’s Chief Guest, Commander of the Army for his gracious presence and the support given to him to make it a reality.

Government Agent of Kilinochchi Mr. S Arumeinayaham, Major General Niyshshanka Ranawana (Rtd), General Officer Commandings, Commander Forward Maintenance Area Kilinochchi, Brigade Commanders Commanding Officers, Officers and soldiers who also took much interest in the project was also present, together with several Senior Officers from government and private sectors.