Sri Lanka Light Infantry

I Serve


Regimental Insignia

In early stage, from March 1881 to 28 November 1881 volunteer corps used an elephant and a coconut tree as their emblem. With the declaration of republic of Sri Lanka 1st and 2nd battalions of CLI decided to retain as much with the configuration and pattern of the existing badge. As result of these suggestions, a new insignia was introduced with following details.

Elephant and Coconut Tree

From 28 November 1881 to 22 May 1972

From 22 May

1972 & Up to Now

a. To retain the silver bugle horn bound with brass, which is on the existing badge. This was retained because the bugle traditionally represents the infantry arm and by doing so, the Regiment could perpetuate in no small measure some of the high ideals associated with the previous insignia.

b. It in corporate with three sheaves of paddy arranged in a manner of up to the three plumps on the existing crest. These were in corporate to signify prosperity and the heritage of the people as an agrarian nation. It retains the motto of the Prince of Wales "ICH DIEN" which has been adopted as the motto of the regiment in its translation form" I SERVE".