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Light Infantry Regimental Council

The Sri Lanka Light Infantry Regimental Council is the authorized body for all SLLI regimental matters pertaining to monetary allocations for regimental projects and activities, administrative matters of SLLI battalions, decision making on the future employment of the regimental officers, pronouncement on new and existing regimental policies and procedures etc. which are not stipulated in the Army Act. The SLLI regimental council hence, is a unique organization with in the spheres of the regimental interests and empowered itself according to the Army act to deal with matters unique to the regiment.

The Regimental Council SLLI consists of fifteen (15) members who are obviously the serving senior most officers in the Sri Lanka Light Infantry, not below the rank of brigadier. Each SLLI Regimental Council is presided by the Regimental Council President who is technically the Colonel of the Regiment of the Sri Lanka Light Infantry. The Centre Commandant of the Sri Lanka Light Infantry Regiment irrespective of his rank always is the Secretary of the SLLI Regimental Council. Colonel of the Regiment SLLI, according to the constitution, is vested with the power of nominating members to the SLLI Regimental Council further, he also decides on nominating new council member or members in the absence of any for valid reasons such as overseas employment, course attendance etc in order to ensure that each successive SLLI Regimental Council in concurrence to its constitution assembles with fifteen members. The Regimental Council SLLI congregates in every three months consecutively and the implementation of any regimental council decision is subjected to ratification by at least eight SLLI Regimental Council members out of fifteen in each sitting.

Maj Gen GMN Perera RWP RSP USP ndc is the incumbent President of the SLLI Regimental Council and under-mentioned are the SLLI Regimental Council members as at 21 April 2021.

O/61505 Maj Gen GMN Perera RWP RSP USP ndc

O/61403 Maj Gen RKNC Jayawardena RSP ndc

O/61735 Maj Gen SAND Edirisinghe RWP RSP Hdmc psc

O/61758 Maj Gen YABM Yahampath RWP RSP ndc psc

O/62091 Brig ACJ Wasage

O/62003 Brig KTP De Silva RSP ndu psc

O/62225 Brig HVA Somaweera RWP RSP USP

O/62242 Brig SWR Prasanna RWP RSP USP

O/62252 Brig JKRP Jayasinghe RWP RSP USP

O/62588 Brig SAUA Solangarachchi RSP psc

O/62291 Brig TNK Perera

O/2870 Brig WGP Sisira Kumara RSP