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The Sri Lanka Light Infantry Association what was originally the "Ceylon Light Infantry Association" saw its humble birth on 17th December 1945, at the headquarters of 2nd Ceylon Light Infantry (2 CLI), Baladaksha Mawatha, Colombo as more or less an occasional forum of interaction by retired light infantry officers and men who had served in the World Wars I and II. The retired war veterans in the organization thus regularly met a few occasions every year to interact and share with their mesmerizing experiences related to their military service.

The first chairperson of the association was General Sir John Kothelawala CHPS KBE LLD ED who was then a colonel retired. He continued his duties as the President of the organization from 1945 to 1980. The new association steadily grew with the passage of time and gathered much momentum when it was introduced a constitution by Major General HV Athukorale VSV psc FBIM who was the elected president of the organization in 1987. During his tenure, a membership fee was also introduced for members in order to increase funds. The membership fee was initially Rs. 5/= and it gradually rose up to Rs. 50/= under the same chairmanship in order to meet the organizational expenses. The increment of the membership yet was being insufficient to meet the organizational expenditures. In view of this, Deshamanya Major General AK Jayawardene who was the Commanding Officer of the 1st Sri Lanka Light Infantry Regiment in 1987 contributed to raise the organizational fund significantly by providing "Sponsor Membership" to all serving Sri Lanka Light Infantry members as well and thereby collecting a membership fee from each of them.

The Sri Lanka Light Infantry Association as at present provides its members all the facilities extended by Sri Lanka Ex-Servicemen's Association. The organization also supports its members financially to meet their medical requirements. In addition, the organization provides financial aids to the needy children of those members and assists them to find suitable employment opportunities.

Annual Meeting of the Sri Lanka Light Infantry Association was held on 17.03.2013 at the Regimental Headquarters