Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment

Swift & Bold


A blazon of the flag, in heraldic terms would be; a field of black with two broad vertical stripes in green each equidistant from the dexter and sinister ends of the flag. In the centre a powder horn with the word "Sinha" in Sinhala characters inscribed across it surmounted by a lion statant holding in the dexter paw a sword erect point upward all in yellow.

The colours black and green on the flag of the Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment represent the outdoor environment under the cover of which the rifleman waits in stealth to observe, skirmish with his adversary and fade away. Yellow represents the spirit of the Regimental Motto "Swift and Bold".

The powder horn symbolizes the early riflemen of the infantry. The horn is embellished with engravings of an old Sinhala art form; the liyawela designs, and carries an inscription of the regimental nomenclature "Sinha".

The lion with sword in hand symbolizes the sovereignty of the country and Regimental nomenclature; and the Regiment's pledge to defend its motherland from adversaries.


The Lion is recognized as a very strong, brave and aggressive animal that commands great authority over other animals and is considered as the king of the jungle. Thus its Sinhala name 'Sinha' (shortened from the word 'Sinhaya') gives the Regiment its name.

The lion with sword held in its paw standing on a powder horn makes up the Regimental Badge. The powder horn is engraved with an old Sinhala art form, the ‘liyawela’ designs and carries the word 'SINHA', the Regiments name inscribed on it.

The lion symbolizes the sovereignty of the country while the sword held in its paw symbolizes the sheer strength.

The powder horn on the regimental badge symbolizes the early riflemen of the infantry

Lion’s legs represent the absolute strength of the battalions.

Lion’s tail represents the plenipotentiary.

The mane of the lion symbolizes obedience, ambition, consciousness and valour.