Sri Lanka National Guard

Country Before Self

History of Sri Lanka National Guard Regiment

On the 01st November 1989 all the prominent battalions deployed for the VIP guard were amalgamated and the first guard battalion was upgraded as a new battalion of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force and it was placed in Male Street ,Colombo under the command of the senior officer then Major S Weragama-SLAPC.

On the 12th November 1991 the senior officer then Colonel JSB De Silva KSV assumed duties as the first Colonel of the Regiment of Sri Lanka National Guard. By this time the numbers of battalions were increasing up to ten. The Regimental Headquarters of Sri Lanka National Guard which had been temporarily set up in Male Street Colombo shifted to the Headquarter of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force BATTARAMULLA on the 14th December 1991.Thereafter on the 1st May 1992 this regiment was perfected with another six battalions (From the 11th Battalion To 16th Battalion)

Present Deployment