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වෘත්තිය පාසල ශ්‍රීලයුපොදුසේබ

An exemplary agricultural course continued as a Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps detachment in order to make the members of Army aware of agricultural affairs in 1967 with the expansion of the Army.

Direct enlisted recruits for SLAGSC and recruits of other regiments were trained with the expansion of the Army. The trade school was re-established under the guidance of training directorate and RHQ SLAGSC with the aim of training trade soldiers. Senior Officer Maj WR Palihakkara USP (O/60271) performed duties from 15 December 1996 to 25 August 1997 as the overlooking commandant. During his tenure as the overlooking commandant, the Trade School that was positioned in Regimental Headquarters Panagoda, was shifted and installed in SLAGSC detachment, Kuttigala in October 1998. The overlooking Commandant was Major PA Kaluarachchi who started a number of recruit training courses, trade courses and promotion courses giving proper instructions for the betterment of the students and the staff. He has rendered his period of service in cooperation with government institutions and civil organizations in the area. 51 recruit courses, 15 exemplary agricultural courses. 46 clerk courses, 54 Bugle courses, 18 Bugle refresher courses and 33 Sinhala Language training courses have been conducted.

The training directorate selected the trade school to conduct leadership qualities and positive thinking development programme for university students, from 2011. 817 male students and 515 female students completed the course successfully.

The prime objective of Army HQ and ministry of defence and urban development was to contribute to the upliftment of the country at a time when the country was heading towards a rapid development after eradication of terrorism, which lasted over 30 years. Apart from the training, officers and ORs of the trade school have contributed to developing a number of community service programmes such as providing troops for cleaning programmes and alms giving at Karagawala Purana Rajamaha Viharaya and Uswewa Purana Rajamaha Viharaya, Godalara viharasthanaya and all the schools in the area.


  • Unit Account and Admin Offrs Course
  • Bugle Course
  • Clerk Course
  • Regt Accounts, Pay and Admin Snr NCOs Course
  • Bugle Refresher Course
  • Sinhala Language Course
  • Agriculture Demonstrator Course