Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps


Sri Lanka Army
General Service Corps

Service with Excellence

Past Appoinment Holders

Colonels of the Regiment

Brigadier GV Alapatha VSV
From 25.04.1989 to 23.08.1989

Brigadier DL Kasthriarachchi VSV USP
From 24.08.1989 to 21.12.1992

Brigadier TGM Ariyaratne USP
From 22.12.1992 to 31.12.1995

Colonel SKB Daulagala
From 01.01.1996 to 16.06.1996

Colonel CSD Gunasinghe
From 1996.06.17 to 1997.04.30

Colonel Commandants

Brigadier TGM Ariyaratne
From 01.05.1997 to 28.05.1998

Brigadier CSD Gunasinghe
From 29.05.1998 to 30.06.2002

Brigadier AK Samarasekara USP
From 01.07.2002 to 09.01.2005

Brigadier KD Thilakarathna USP
From 10.01.2005 to 08.05.2006

Major General RKP Ranaweera USP
From 08.05.2006 to 06.08.2006

Major General HL Weerathunga USP Lsc
From 07.08.2006 to 16.10.2010

Brigadier DCS Wanniarachchi Lsc
From 18.10.2010 to 10.09.2013

Major General M H P Mihindukulasuriya USP psc Lsc
From 11.09.2013 to 29.08.2014

Major General W R Palihakkara VSV USP
From 31.08.2017 to 14.06.2019

Major General C K Handunmulla
From 15.06.2019 to 31.07.2021

Brigadier H A P P K Hewawasam
From 01.08.2021 to 25.08.2022

Major General M W T C Mettananda USP ndc
From 29.08.2022 to07.06.2023

Major General D M K D B Pussella RWP RSP
From 08.06.2023 to 15.08.2023