Sri Lanka Army
Seva Vanitha Unit

30th November 2023 10:13:20 Hours

72nd SLAGSC Anniversary Marks a Day of Giving

To coincide with the 72nd anniversary of the Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps, troops on the instructions of the Colonel Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps (SLAGSC) and Commander, Security Forces - Central, Major General W.W.H.R.R.V.M.N.D.K.B Niyangoda RWP RSP VSV USP ndu psc, distributed school accessories among the students at Kahagolla Central College, Diyatalawa on Tuesday (26 November 2023), at the school premises.

Mrs Himali Niyangoda, Chairperson, SLAGSC Seva Vanitha Branch and Colombo Fort Lions Club provided joint sponsorship for the stock.

In addition to the distribution of school accessories, the school received a meaningful donation of educational equipment enhancing the overall learning environment at Kahagolla Central College. To add a touch of joy and entertainment to the day, a vibrant dancing event of the students added colour to the occasion. Furthermore, organizers concluded the day by providing a wholesome lunch for the children at this school.

Senior Officers, Officers, members of SLAGSC – SVB, and members of the Colombo Fort Lions Club participated in the event.