Sri Lanka Army
Seva Vanitha Unit

28th November 2023 09:47:36 Hours

MIR Seva Vanitha Members Share Pleasantries with War Heroes at 'Abhimansala 2'

The Mechanized Infantry Regiment Seva Vanitha Branch (MIR –SVB) members on 19 November 2023 undertook a visit to the 'Abhimansala - 2', wellness resort in Kamburupitiya, intending to inquire about the well-being and welfare of War-Heroes undergoing rehabilitation.

MIR-SVB members during their visit interacted with War Heroes, inquiring not only about their own well-being but also about the welfare of their family members. These interactions provided a platform to share their stories and experiences by which their spirits of concern and belongingness were well articulated.

Before their departure, Mrs. Priyanga Wickramasinghe, Chairperson, MIR–SVB, together with Mrs Nilanthi Wanasinghe Vice Chairperson of the MIR-SVB presented each War-Hero with a gift box containing essential sanitary items.

Major General M.G.W.W.W.M.C.B Wikramasinghe RWP RSP ndu psc, Director General General Staff and Colonel of the Regiment of MIR, Major General M.M.S.C.K Wanasinghe RSP USP, Director General Directorate of Welfare, Senior Officers and Members of MIR-SVB joined the occasion.