Sri Lanka Army
Seva Vanitha Unit

27th November 2023 09:41:42 Hours

Dedication of 'Viru Kekulu' Pre School Teachers Commended

The Sri Lanka Army Seva Vanitha Unit (ASVU) showing appreciative gratitude to all island-wide 'Viru Kekulu' pre-school teachers felicitated them inviting all of them to the Manning Town pre-school premises on 25 November.

The felicitation ceremony was organized on a suggestion made by Mrs. Janaki Liyanage, President of ASVU with the objective of appreciating and commending the services, being rendered by them for the betterment of the kids of soldiers.

The felicitation ceremony was coloured with entertainment features, presented by the Sri Lanka Army's Directorate of Army Band & Performing Arts. At the end of the day's proceedings, all the teachers had lunch together with each other.

Brigadier Coordinating of ASVU, Senior ASVU members participated in the event.