Sri Lanka Army
Seva Vanitha Unit

12th November 2023 11:36:37 Hours

SLASC-SVB Appoints New Committee Members

The first meeting of the Sri Lanka Army Service Corps Seva Vanitha Branch (SLASC-SVB) took place on (Sunday) 05 November at the Regimental Centre, SLASC.

This pivotal gathering marked the first session subsequent to the assumption of duties by the newly-appointed chairperson of the SLASC-SVB, Mrs. Chandrika Rajapaksha.

The meeting commenced with the appointment of new committee members, paving the way for a fresh array of perspectives and ideas.

Deliberations ensued regarding forthcoming projects, fostering an environment of innovation and growth. A highlight of the event was the Chairperson's inspection of the yoghurt production section inside the regimental premises, emphasizing the importance of hands-on engagement and operational oversight.

Participation of members of SLASC-SVB, Officers and Other Ranks signified the collaborative effort in furthering the objectives of the Branch.